Prelims – Past Questions Analysis – Polity And IR

The hottest topic for discussion in your libraries, reading halls and coffee shops must be politics. With Civil Services Prelims 2017 approaching, as every issue comes to the table, the guiding Constitutional provisions, the related laws, the newly launched schemes and the international angle to those must be going through your mind. It is this theoretical understanding that guides you in attempting questions in ‘Polity and International Relations’ in the UPSC Prelims.
Here we go ahead and take a look at all the questions that have been asked from this section over the last four years and briefly discuss them again to help gauge the level of preparation needed in the last few weeks.Placeholder Image
How to read through the tabulation?
A gist of the question is given preceded by the question number in set ‘A’ of the Question Papers. This can be found in the UPSC website.
  1. The sub-topic is a broad classification which can help you zoom in on the probable areas.
  • The difficulty level is denoted using five stars, with one star corresponding to ‘very easy’ and five to ‘very difficult’. (Obviously, this has some subjectivity)
  1. The ‘Remarks’ column might refer to the source of the question or the nature of the question or even both. Again, this can be subjected to little variance with the perception of the aspirant.

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